4 Things to Know About Zendaya and Tom’s Relationship

May 1, 2023

Tom Holland and Zendaya are arguably the most famous Hollywood’s A List couple. There’s no doubt that they are simply adorable at everything they do together. The real-life Spiderman and MJ have a legion of die-hard fans, but even they may not know certain insights into the pair.

Tom Holland and Zendaya attend Sony Pictures' "Spider-Man: No Way Home" Los Angeles Premiere on December 13, 2021 in Los Angeles, California

Getty Images/FilmMagic/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

They Just Bought A House Together

If you need any indication on how serious the couple is, look no further! According to Mirror, Zendaya and Tom have purchased a whopping $3 million in South West London, in Kingston upon Thames. The house reportedly has six bedrooms, a gym alongside a movie theater. It is also interestingly close to Holland’s childhood home. A close source said that the two are “delighted with the property and getting their first house together. They are very much in love and wanted their first home to be in London, where Tom grew up. Everyone is excited for them.” 

They Have Met Each Other’s Parents

Tom Holland officially earned the parental stamp of approval way back in 2017, believe it or not. Reports claimed he nailed the introduction during Zendaya’s press of her film The Greatest Showman. According to US Weekly, a source stated that Zendaya’s family loved him. She has also met his parents, with the couple spotted outside Holland’s parents’ home in London last year.

The Height Difference is No Matter

The two stars have often faced judgment because of their significant height difference. Tom Holland stands at 5 ‘8”, while Zendaya towers at 5’ 10”. While other couples may feel conscious, TomDaya do not. Rather, they make spirited jokes about it, including in an interview with Graham Norton, which is a testament to their healthy relationship. 

Tom’s Possible Euphoria Appearance 

In an interview tougher, Tom Holland stated he wanted to possibly join the famed TV show Euphoria’s cast, of which Zendaya is the lead actress. Fans of the couple are desperate to see a cameo from the star amidst the backdrop of intense teen drama. Euphoria has taken over the world, but it is guaranteed to spike in popularity if Tom Holland joins the ensemble.