All Too Well is a Class at Stanford

July 1, 2023

All Stanford undergraduates are requested! Next quarter, it will be possible to enroll in a programme that covers Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well (10 Minute Edition).” The class, cleverly titled “All Too Well (10 Week Version),” is being offered during the prestigious university’s upcoming winter quarter as one of the classes taught under the aegis of Stanford’s Introductory Studies. Alumna Nona Hungate promises to provide an “in depth analysis” of the No. 1 hit’s moving lyrics.

Each of the ITAL 99 classes “offers students an exposure to subjects taught by graduates of the programme,” according to the Stanford website. These student-led workshops, which feature one-of-a-kind offerings each quarter and a strong emphasis on practical instruction, have covered a wide range of subjects, including trip sketching, watercolor painting, music composing, improv acting, animation, and digital art, among many others.

Taylor Swift holds multiple awards at the American Music Awards

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Amy Sussman

More and more colleges across the nation are studying Swift’s artistic talent. The first lesson on the superstar, presented by Rolling Stone journalist Brittany Spanos, was introduced at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in February 2022. The University of Texas at Austin introduced “Literary Contests and Contexts — The Taylor Swift Songbook” in August of last year as a new liberal arts course where the singer-work songwriter’s was studied alongside that of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Wyatt, Coleridge, Keats, Dickinson, and Plath with “required texts” that included four of her most recent albums.

Swift has previously been regarded as a collegiate prospect. The Taylor Swift Songbook course, which examined “her songs as literary writing and the ways a famous and award-winning writer employs the same literary devices, figures, and motifs of conventional poems in her work,” was given by the University of Texas last year. A course on the singer was also given by New York University, instructed by Rolling Stone’s Brittany Spanos, who has just completed her second term of instruction.