Andrew Scott's Well-Known Acting

April 13, 2023

Andrew Scott is an actor who does not appear in many famous movies, but when he does, he wipes the floor with his acting techniques. From disturbingly observant characters to highly rash ones, he has played all sorts of different people on screen, adding an authenticity that isn’t commonly seen in modern entertainment industries. This particular actor’s journey on screen began when he began theater as a child, encouraged by his mother, who was concerned for his tendency to be such a shy child. Slowly, he grew interested in the field, landing his first role in ‘Korea’ as a side character. According to him, his co-star, Donal Donnelly, an experienced Irish actor, was ‘very influential’ on him, making it an appropriate first project to start his career on screen.

 Andrew Scott poses in the Winners Room during the EE British Academy Film Awards 2020

Getty images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Lia Toby/Contributor

He went on to take part in famous films like ‘1917’, a war film that makes use of interesting film-making techniques. Throughout the movie, the camera does not cut a single time, meaning everything is shot in a single take. Scott got rare experience through this film and got used to performing in front of different types of cameras, honing his skills as an actor. This film was also not his first in terms of war and political themes, ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘Spectre’ being examples of films focused on these rough themes.

One of his most known performances has been in ‘Sherlock’, a British television series that depicts the story of Sherlock Holmes, but adapting and setting them during the 2010s. Scott’s character, Jim Moriarty, is the one villainous character that seems to equally rival the intelligence of Sherlock. He’s never quite within Sherlock’s reach until their story draws more focus in season 3 and 4, where he gets more screen time. Andrew Scott seizes the opportunity, showcasing his talent through lines that evoke goosebumps and unsettling silences.