Are Fitness Apps Effective?

July 18, 2023

Many people are on a journeys of losing weight, and often struggle with similar things. Setting unrealistic standards, procrastinating on exercising, giving in to extreme craving for junk foods, and experiencing low self esteem and fatigue often lead us to giving up on our fitness regime. However, it is essential to understand that a fitness regime should be a lifestyle not simply a phase because you would have to work to maintain your target weight as well. Simply returning to old habits once you reach your target weight will force you into a relentless cycle of constantly trying to lose weight. The best solution to overcome all these problems seems to be to hire a personal trainer who would expertly advise and guide you on diet and exercise throughout your fitness journey. The only problem is, that personal trainers are not budget friendly and not many people are willing and able to hire them.

Over the shoulder view of young athletic Asian woman using exercise tracking app

Getty Images/ Moment/ Oscar Wong

In the world of technology, almost all of our problems have a solution available in our pockets. Simply download a reliable fitness app and it will almost feel like you are carrying a personal trainer in your pocket available and ready to guide you in any aspect at any hour of the day on a fixed charge. The best part about fitness apps is that the artificial intelligence considers the feedback given from all the users and constantly attempts to improve while making personalized plans for every specific user in accordance to the information and targets provided while setting up the account. The workouts can be exciting and motivating as it is likely that a fitness app will ensure that no two workouts are the same and you try something new and slightly move out of your comfort zone everyday to receive optimum results.