Celebrity Makeup Brands

February 19, 2023

Artists after gaining fame and followers from singing have started to jump into the entrepreneurial zone. Have they realized that they need a consistent source of income as well? Well, they might not be singing all their lives, so they need some source of income to survive. Most of these singers have ventured into the makeup industry. One of the main reasons for that can be that their fans would like to look like them by using the same makeup products. But launching a makeup brand is one thing and being successful at it is another thing. Let us tell you who these makeup brand owners are and according to our research if they are successful or not.

 General view of Sephora loves Fenty Beauty by Rihanna store event

Getty images/Getty Images Entertainment/ Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Staff

Firstly, we have Rihanna who started her makeup brand called ‘Fenty Beauty’ a few years ago. Her makeup brand has always been famous for golden highlighters and foundations for darker complexions. This is one of the main makeup items that Rihanna started her brand with but since then, she has ventured into different categories as well. Well, this brand was relatively more popular in the beginning but according to our research, its fame has died down significantly. On the other hand, Rihanna started her lingerie brand called ‘Savage x Fenty’. Secondly, we have Selena Gomez who is the owner of ‘Rare Beauty’.

Rare Beauty initiated their brand with foundations for all complexions but quickly delved into blushes, lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, etc. There has been significant noise over how her eye shadows don’t have good pigmentation but on the other hand, her liquid blush range is very popular amongst makeup enthusiasts.These artists have been successful singers all their lives and bagged countless awards as well. But their makeup lines are a hit as well or well they were. Lastly, it’s interesting how these singers have branched out their sources of income to live luxurious lives.