Celebs That Overcame Hardship

May 26, 2023

It is often the case that the public masses, unbeknownst of the difficulties they have to face, envy celebrities and the seemingly glorious lives that they lead – emphasis on seemingly. Luck plays a huge part in success – there could be a singer with a voice better than Adele, but she will never be signed to any label or record as a result of the fact that she belongs to one of the native tribes of the Amazon. If you have come to the early conclusion that luck may, perhaps, just not be something you have, here are a few stories that may change your mind.

Example number one concerns none other than NBA hall of famer, and possibly the greatest basketball player in the history of time, Michael Jordan. In High school, Jordan was dropped from the varsity (high school) basketball team on account of poor performance and small height. Jordan didn’t let this stop him, though. That summer, before the offset of the next academic year, Jordan practiced and practiced until the length of his limbs was not a matter of concern any longer – it also helps that he grew to 6’3 that summer.

Michael Jordan talks to the media

Getty Images/ Major League Baseball Platinum/ MLB Photos

The next example to be observed is of the Hollywood sweetheart Jim Carrey. Carrey, despite being known for his witty humor and charismatic way of interacting, had an incredibly difficult time in his childhood. Jim Carrey’s father was so poor that the family couldn’t even afford a home – they had to live out of a motor van. In fact, times were so tough for the Carrey family that Jim had to leave formal education and schooling at the mere age of 15 in order to go and work as a janitor and tire factory worker in order to contribute towards his household income.

Many people seem to think, on account of their difficult childhood or as a result of tough times they have had to face, that their entire lives are destined to be of the same poor quality; Let these stories be testament to the fact that that really does not have to be the case.