Contemplating Joji’s “Glimpse of Us”

May 12, 2023

After a two-year break, Joji dropped his brand-new single, “Glimpse of Us,” and he has once again blown us away! This song will undoubtedly make you cry, and we know we’re not the only ones because it debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 songs chart at position #10. In this love song, he uses comparison and contrast to express how much he misses his ex while dating another woman.

Joji loves his current girlfriend as well as his ex, yet he still struggles with how his ex made him feel. Despite the fact that his present partner has all he could possibly want and more, he still harbors feelings for his ex. This song’s chorus is both sorrowful and beautifully composed. We feel bad for Joji’s present partner since she is unaware that he constantly thinks back on his former relationship when they are together.

Joji performs on the Outdoor Theatre stage

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Theo Wargo

Joji secretly hopes that his ex would behave similarly to him when she is with her current lover. For his and his ex’s current partners, this is a painful story, but it’s also a beautiful one since it shows that none of them is over the other. We were in tears as soon as we heard this song! We’re enchanted with Joji after he once again elicited strong feelings from his audience. This song’s instrumental is what ties everything together. It perfectly expresses Joji’s yearning for his ex despite being with his present girlfriend and his desperate desire to find out what his ex is thinking about him as well. His voice and harmonies effectively convey the song’s passion.

Overall, ‘Glimpse of Us’ is an emotional song that takes a simple concept of missing an ex and makes it into a complicated one by delving into the extent of it. This song is ideal for listening to while driving home alone on a wet day. Joji has outdone himself once again. We’ll be crying in our rooms over and again!