Elena Armas Books

May 17, 2023

Elena Armas has only written two books but they have become the favorites with no doubt. ’Spanish Love Deception’ follows the story of a Spanish girl Catalina who has always had a love-hate relationship with her co-worker Aaron Blackford. He is never late nor wrong and he scowled towards her on his first day. How can he be so cold towards other people and still pay attention to everything? When Catalina has to attend her sister’s wedding back in Spain where her ex- boyfriend will also be here, Catalina doesn’t want to go there alone and let him think that she is not over him so Aaron overhears the conversation and wants to help Catalina.

Aaron might be missing little sunshine but has never made her feel unwanted and gives his undivided attention to her. They plan a fake date to fool her family that she is happy and living her dream life. Everything they display is fake but why does it feel so real when he whispers in her ear or when he touches her? Catalina finds her true self on this vacation and maybe the love of her life also? Her second book ‘The American Roommate Experiment’ follows the story of Rosie who has left her job to follow her passion which is to write romantic books but she is facing a bad writer’s block. The apartment she is living in is not in the best condition and one day the ceiling falls down. Luckily, she has a spare key to her friend’s apartment but already her friend’s cousin Lucas is living there. Out of generosity he lets her live with him until she finds better accommodation. Living with your crush is not easy when they offer to go on dates with you to inspire your romantic side. How is she going to survive that?