Emily Henry Reads

May 13, 2023

Emily Henry is one of the best rom-com writers out there, she has been nominated for the best writers on goodread. The most popular book which earned her a lot of fame is ‘You and me on Vacation’ also known as ‘People We Meet On Vacation’. The story is full of laughter, enjoyment, happiness, everlasting friendship and with a huge amount of sadness. It follows the story of a girl named Poppy and Alex who meet each other in university but plan to never cross paths again. But fate has other plans for them as they get to know that they are from the same town. They hitch together to go home one summer which changes everything.

Both promise to go on a trip every year even if they don’t speak with each other. 12 years pass and they become best friends but one summer on vacation something happens which puts a strain on their relationship. Now poppy misses him too much but doesn’t want to apologize first, what will happen when these two confess their actual feelings? The second best book written by her is ‘Beach Reads’ which is the perfect read this summer with swoon worthy romance. Two broke authors and restrained from their writer’s block strike a deal to exchange their books to write. They have completely different writing preferences and even different interests but become neighbors for 3 months in a beach house. They will write something out of their comfort zone. It was supposed to be an easy deal with both having their book written but what they don’t expect is to fall for each other. The book is the ultimate source of unexpected romance and happiness. Emily Henry will never disappoint you because of her easy, cute and funny writing style.