Having an Ethnic Day

July 12, 2023

When you went to school you probably celebrated some of the days celebrated throughout the world like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day and yes it is very good of your school to have you celebrate the love you have for your parents on specific days that are named after them. you might be making a card or writing a poem for them these days and that is beautiful. Another thing that school should help you celebrate is your culture and maybe they could assign today the name of an ethnic day where everyone can show their allegiance to their culture.

It could be a day where children could be interrupted to wear the national dress of their culture, and maybe bring food for a bake sale or they could have other people enjoy the favorite foods of their culture. They could even have a talent show for people who prefer scripts of drama or dances or songs that will lead to their culture and perform them on stage in front of people that haven’t been exposed to the diverse cultures of the school.

The school is the first place where children are exposed to people of different cultures and what they learn over here about their interactions with different cultures is going to shape a huge part of their personality that will last forever. children can either learn how to justify the stereotypes against other cultures and use them against them or they could learn the individuality in every culture and how beautiful that can be. ethnic days push them towards the better of these options and bring them closer to understanding each other, individually and culturally, and teach them to embrace their differences and accept each other for who they are and where they come from.