Here's Why Button-downs Are In

May 11, 2023

If you are looking for a new look, then it might be in your interest to start thinking about buying a bunch of button-down shirts. Button-down shirts are bringing a huge comeback in the fashion industry and not only would they look stunning on you, but they would also be able to pull off an entire list of outlooks for you. You might need to change the way you wear it but the same shirt can give you a new look every day.

If you want to pull off a casual look for a hangout with your friends at their house then you could always put on some shorts and a T-shirt and then wear your button-down as an overcoat. Roll up your sleeves and leave the shirt unbuttoned. It would always help your outfit if you could add a few accessories to it like maybe a bracelet or a watch and you should look amazing.

If you want to pull off a formal look then you can wear button-down shirts the way they are traditionally worn: by matching them up with some trousers or a skirt. You can or cannot put on a jacket on top but either way, you are perfectly ready for your client meeting or just a regular day at work. If you do put on a tie then you again have the option of matching them with your pick of ties. Put on whatever outfit you like best and you are ready to go.

Let’s say you are done with your day at work and you want to put on a cute fit before your boyfriend gets home, you can put on your oversized button downs on put on some cute shorts and some sandals so he can just be left speechless with your rad comfortable outlook at home.