How has Screen Time Affected our Activities

May 18, 2023

We live in a technology dominated world. Everyone has a mobile phone to stay connected. The world has turned into a global village with the availability of better communication methods, we all have been forced to watch screens. When Covid hit in 2019, everything shifted online; that meant that the already greater use was further maximized as now even activities related to jobs had to be done behind a screen.

However, it is important to note that excessive screen times have been extremely damaging for the general population. One of the biggest consequences of screen time is that it is a means of constant strain to the eyes. This means that their eyes are so exhausted by the everyday usage of laptops and mobiles that they do not even get a chance to rest. Furthermore, people also realize that this may turn into a skin condition known as myopia where the retinas may experience severe damage.

Furthermore, greater amounts of screen time means that you are sitting at place for longer terms and not exercising. This as a result turns into fat accumulation and you may gain extra pounds. Many people suffer from obesity as they prefer spending their time on phones and laptops instead of working out or exercising. Moreover, while watching TV we see so many food commercials that we are extremely tempted to order. This again becomes an issue as processed foods are extremely unhealthy. Another issue that most parents have complained about is that children who prefer using their phones are more likely to develop very poor socializing skills and may even fear interacting with new people. Such children have to experience discomfort while talking to new people as they find more comfort while using their phones. Getting out of their comfort zones gets extremely hard for them.