How To Be Productive

March 9, 2023

In this day and age, it has become increasingly important to create a valuable amount of output in a short amount of time. In the attempt to fulfill this pursuit, many people end up working themselves to the bone for months and years on end, and then burning out right afterwards. This can make everything quite meaningless and hopeless, but the truth is that it is completely possible to create this value while still keeping our health in mind.

Getty images/Moment/ Nitat Termmee

One way to do this is understanding that it is important to set expectations for yourself about how much you need to work, and then not feel terrible when you have not done extra work. A large part of this is realizing that your worth is not determined by how many hours you work. For this, it would be helpful to explore things like meditation and journaling in order to ensure improvement. Another thing that is recommended in order to have a productive lifestyle is to look at other aspects of your life. Oftentimes, a decrease in productivity or a lack of motivation to do tasks comes from issues in your environment. How are your eating habits, how is your physical health, are there any other stress factors in your life? Without solving these, it becomes increasingly difficult to decrease their impact on your productivity.

Also, when trying to define the term ‘productivity’, try to find out what you subconsciously include under this. At the start of the week, when you are planning your tasks, do you only consider work-related tasks? It is important to remind yourself that you can be productive in other ways, by resting and socializing. Taking time out to spend with your loved ones, go for a walk on a scenic route, or even do groceries, is crucial in order to feel more confident in how productive you are.