Investing in Lingerie

May 27, 2023

Do you find lingerie extremely expensive as well? You might have wondered that if a T-shirt can sell for $4 so then why do bras sell for $20+? We might even understand the reasons behind it but it still doesn’t seem fair to us. According to our research, people don’t tend to invest in lingerie often. They buy a few pieces which are usually less than five once in a few months. Maybe it is the high prices that make people think twice before buying lingerie. One of the top lingerie brands in the world is Victoria’s Secret and their lingerie sets don’t sell for lesser than $50. But at the end of the day, they are giving you the most premium quality in the entire market as well.

Multi ethnic group of models in lingerie

Getty Images/ Westend61/ Westend61

One of the main reasons why lingerie is expensive is because lingerie requires far more stitching as compared to a T-shirt. Wholesalers like Walmart and Target purchase their stock in bulk which is why you might find lingerie at reasonable prices there. But their biggest disadvantages are that they don’t have the best quality or designs. Moreover, people don’t buy lingerie frequently and all lingerie brands are aware of that fact which is why they believe that it is reasonable for the shopper to spend comparatively more at one time. However, Victoria’s Secret has great sales on different occasions where you can buy lingerie prices for a lesser price. Furthermore, these lingerie prices last you a long time as compared to other pieces of clothing. Their quality takes a long time to diminish so at times, you might have not felt the need to buy more lingerie.

It’s always better to buy expensive lingerie which has premium quality because a lower-quality lingerie set can turn out to be dangerous for you as well. However, with time, there are brands like Shein, that sell lingerie at extremely low prices and relatively better quality. It is better not to compromise with pieces that might affect your health at some time.