Kim Kardashian's SKIMS Success

April 24, 2023

Kim Kardashian is one of the most well known celebrity figures. The star is famed for her envious looks and gorgeous outfits, but has made her name in the corporate world as well. Her shapewear brand SKIMS has received global acclaim and is worth a whopping amount of over $3 billion. But how exactly has it been so successful? Let’s have a look.

SKIMS’ product line has been consistent throughout. They produce high quality underwear and shapewear that allows women to feel more confident and embrace their body. This idea of body positivity is also reinforced in the selling point of size inclusivity. The brand focuses on equal distribution between 2XS to 4XL. There are maternity ranges as well which stretch up to four sizes, thus catering to an extremely wide population. Furthermore there are multiple shades and nine main hues which allow diverse people from across the world to enjoy what SKIMS offers.

SKIMS Valentine's Shop Pop-Up

getty images/Getty Images Entertainment/ Stefanie Keenan/ Contributor

Kim Kardashian has also stressed on the quality of her products. There is consistently high-quality fabrics including cotton, silk, and velour. The combination of both basic and elevated materials helps cater to any occasion. There are different collections as well for both formal and informal styles, such as a loungewear drop. Kim made the smart move of collaborating with brands such as Fendi in October 2021, which generated over $1 million in mere minutes. SKIMS also designed garments for team USA in the Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics.

The brand further skyrocketed due to affordable rates. They used a successful strategy of drawing customers in with high discount rates. The first public sale put all products at a flat 50%, which was higher than competitors such as Victoria’s Secret and Aerie. Even if some products are priced higher, the quality wins people over. The name itself also allures to customers, who want to buy in the clout attached with the Kardasian name. It is only sure to grow over time.