Makeup or Skincare?

March 10, 2023

Have you been into skincare lately as compared to makeup? We have observed a sudden upward trend in skin care compared to makeup. It seems as if people have started to invest in skincare as compared to makeup. This doesn’t indicate that people aren’t investing in makeup but the proportion has decreased. Finally, people have started realizing why skin care is more important than makeup. Although, skin care is more expensive than makeup and the results don’t show until a few weeks after using those skin care products. But now, people are all about purchasing skin care products.

Getty images/EyeEm/ Artem Varnitsin/EyeEm

Some of the most famous skincare brands that we have seen lately are Drunk Elephant, Ordinary, Glossier, Tatcha, etc. These brands are high-end skincare brands and their sale price is not cheap. Considering you have to use these products every day, you run out of them faster. But their results are worth the price and the long wait. Essentially, people started raving about skin care products after TikTok blew up regarding Korean skincare and how effective it is. Rather than investing in these brands, there is a niche market that has started investing in Korean skincare products. On the other hand, people are investing in minimalistic makeup items for example glosses, liquid blushes, etc. The heavy makeup trend has gone down drastically because if you apply ample makeup products, it can cause acne or dryness.

Moreover, people who use both skincare and makeup products tend to use more skin care products as compared to makeup products. Even to have a minimalistic makeup look, they will spend their entire time prepping their skin by using different oils, primers, or moisturizers.
We believe that in order to apply makeup, your skin should be prepped accordingly. If your skin is healthy, only then your makeup will look good on you. However, people who don’t invest in these skin care products apply home remedies to prep their skin and prepare these skincare products at home.