One Direction and Their Best Music

July 14, 2023

Nobody can claim to have lived through the 2000s and 2010s and not have been influenced by boy bands. They were a cultural phenomenon after all. However, among these boy bands, not many stood out like One Direction did. The 5 member English-Irish band made waves in the music scene, and continues to do so years after it disbanded. They have produced many notable tracks during the span of their prolific career, but some definitely stand out more than the others.

Best Song Ever is admittedly not the best song ever by any objective metric, and yet it is one of the finer tracks that One Direction has delivered. This is a song that you would sing in a group setting – particularly on a road trip – because of how catchy it is. It captures the essence of all the fun pop music has to offer as a genre with its energy and stunning vocals by Payne, Styles and Horan.

Recording artists Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne of One Direction

Getty Images/ WireImage/ Steve Granitz

Next up we have Night Changes, a stellar track about change and growing old together. This is an important track in the One Direction lore in how Styles’ vocals here set the tone for his future performances as a solo artist. It’s also the last track for which Zayn Malik plays a major role before his departure from the band, which adds a rather foreboding element to the lyrics.

Lastly, Story of My Life deserves a spot on this list simply because of its music video – which saw the boy band quite literally reflecting on the story of their lives through old photographs. It’s one of those rare One Direction songs that relied less on gimmicky pop elements laden with romantic themes, and instead opted for a more heartfelt narrative centered around the fear of growing up and changing in the process. The music video is a must-watch even today, for longtime fans and newcomers alike!