Rare by Selena Gomez

February 26, 2023

All of you know Selena Gomez as a singer or an actor that we have grown up watching on Disney. However, Selena Gomez has entered the beauty industry too and owns a makeup brand called ‘Rare’. No one knew that Selena Gomez would ever enter the beauty industry, but here we are! The vision of the brand is to make people feel natural by putting on makeup. All her makeup products have the most minimalistic packaging. It is not a drug-store brand because the prices of her products are on the higher end, similar to Tarte and Benefit.

Getty images/Getty Images Entertainment/ Robin L Marshall/ Contributor

This fact might be unknown to the majority but the packaging design has a secret to it. The products are packaged and designed in a manner that is easy for people with arthritis and joint pains to handle. The foundation, concealer, and liquid blush just require a smooth turn to open. One of her highest recommended products is her liquid blush as it is heavily pigmented, the product comes in a large glass bottle that is going to last you a long time, and the product is long-lasting and doesn’t disappear in extreme weather conditions.

Her beauty brand has been every makeup artist’s favorite but there are still a few pain points that Selene Gomez needs to work on. Firstly, her dark eyeshadows look attractive on the outside but have low pigmentation. Secondly, her brow stick has low pigmentation as well and the stick has a pointed shape; if applied with a little pressure, it can break. Thirdly, her bronzer stick has several shades that are suitable for every skin color but it is difficult to blend the bronzer. It has a creamy base and looks easy to blend but once applied to the face, it is not that easy to blend. However, every brand has some pain points that they fix over time after trying out several formulas. We are glad to have Selena Gomez enter the beauty industry as we believe she will be successful in this aspect of life as well.