Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin Bieber

June 10, 2023

The top singer and the top model were trending in the news recently due to the shared connection between the two, Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez dated Justin Bieber and both of them were a power couple a few years ago and started dating again briefly but that didn’t work out. After their final breakup, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber sparked dating rumors and in no time, they were engaged and married for a very short span of time. The two celebs had an intimate wedding with their close ones, but their marriage was one of the biggest news. However, Hailey Bieber in an interview recently commented on her husband’s ex-relationship.

 Hailey Bieber in green hoodie

Getty Images/ GC Images/ Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin

The interviewer asked Hailey how she feels when fans and the online media keep pairing her husband with his ex-partner. She confessed that the feeling isn’t the best but there’s a reason why the ex-partner is not married to Justin but she is. She discussed this situation in an implicit manner without taking Selena’s name as both girls have a high reputation in the industry. There has been no reported bad blood between Selena and Hailey. On the other hand, Hailey continued to claim that Selena and she have spoken several times after her marriage with Justin. But this interview sparked rumors of a possible feud between Gomez and Baldwin. The plot twist in the story is when the two girls posed for a glamorous picture at the Academy Museum Gala. Since then, this picture has taken the internet by storm suggesting a possible friendship between the two girls.

We agree that Selena and Justin were a hot item back in the day but considering Justin’s marriage with Hailey, we should definitely root for them too. Considering the new friendship between the girls, we feel everything might be good between them after all. If they don’t have anything to fret about, then why should we?