Songs About Exes and The Stories Behind Them

May 8, 2023

Some of the most famous singers have written songs about their ex-partners. Some have written a song to vent out or to publicly expose their partner. Either way, we love the songs but we love these songs a little extra because of the stories behind them. You may have heard some of these songs but might not have known what they were based on.
One of the most talked about songs was by Taylor Swift called ‘Dear John’. She has written songs based on a few of her ex-partners but she mentioned the name of her ex-partner, John Mayer, for the first time. She talks about how he loved her and took away that love unknowingly. According to John Mayer, that was considered cheap and not the right thing for her to do. However, there are some theories that claim that John Mayer wrote a song in retaliation but these are still theories.

Secondly, during COVID-19, there was an artist who claimed fame through her first song called ‘Drivers License’. Olivia Rodrigo was a new artist when she released this song but little did she know that this song would top the Billboard charts for a significant period. This song is about how her ex-partner left her for the singer, Sabrina Carpenter. Sabrina Carpenter released a song in reply to Olivia’s song but that failed to get as much traction as ‘Drivers License’.
Lastly, we have Miley Cyrus’ song called ‘7 Things’ which was released after her breakup with Nick Jonas. They dated when Miley was still working for Disney and Nick was still part of the Jonas Brothers. Reports claim that there are specific lyrics in the song that can only match Nick Jonas. However, in this scenario, the ex-partner seemed to be flattered by this release. Nick Jonas was reported saying in an interview how he was flattered knowing that the song was about him and it was going to be out there forever.
Even if these relationships didn’t work out, we are grateful for the songs that were released due to these breakups.