Spend Time With Nature

June 2, 2023

In this technological age, people are interested and busy with mobile phones and tablets. They are frequently busy gazing at screens, making appointments with colleagues, or texting a friend to make a dinner commitment, but they do not take a couple of minutes to appreciate the lovely view of nature. In the evenings, they rush and walk quickly to get home to rest, but they don’t have time to raise their heads to observe the sunset and relax. While the fact is that in this competitive age, people are losing what nature has to offer them that no artificial power can provide.

Spending time with nature, unlike a morning stroll, swimming, or gym workout, requires no effort but, like a morning walk, swimming, or gym workout, is helpful to our well-being. The benefits of spending time in nature originate from its ability to positively influence our personal and professional life, as well as our physical and mental health. Growing vegetables, fruits, or flowers, exercising outside, seeing the sunrise and sunset, seeing the flowers blossom, seeing the rainbow and sky, watching the trees grow, listening to birds chirping, etc., can all benefit us in several ways. For example, these activities can enhance our mood swings, reduce the risk of stress, anxiety, and depression, make us feel relaxed when we are tired from putting our brains to work and soothe our overworked minds, polish up our observational skills, help us to be more active and smarter because it sharpens cognitive skills, and provide us with opportunities to socialize and connect with people, thereby reducing loneliness.

Furthermore, spending time in nature can be physiologically helpful by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and muscular tension and improving eyesight. People who spend time in nature also have improved breathing and sleep. It also instills a sense of contentment, tranquility, and fulfillment. Thus, this activity must be included in one’s daily routine since our lifestyle choices significantly impact our lives, health, and well-being.