The Life of Michael Jordan

June 7, 2023

Basketball is a sport played by millions of people all over the world. It is a support that necessitates its players to be both physically strong and mentally strategic. One must be able to power through blocks and plays, whilst simultaneously formulating a strategic play of their own. The best basketball players, similar to other individuals who are the best in their field or sport, all have one thing in common: a winning mentality. According to pundits and basketball experts, there has yet to be a player that rivals Michael Jordan’s mentality to the game and to life.

Despite his dominant stature in the game later on in his life, Jordan was not always a prodigy or skilled player. In fact, Michael Jordan was dropped from the varsity team as a result of his poor performance on the court. That is where his mentality kicked in; he made the conscious decision that he wanted to be the best and practiced all summer long. As it just so happened, luck was on his side. Alongside his technical improvement, Jordan had a huge growth spurt – the NBA great was already 6’3 in high school.

Michael Jordan reacts after hitting the game-winning basket

Getty Images/ Tribune News Service/ Ed Wagner Jr/Chicago Tribune

Later down the line, Jordan was drafted into the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls, at the time, were a very weak side. As Jordan would later relate, most of the players at the Bulls, when Jordan joined, were into narcotics, and didn’t pay much heed to the task that confronted them: winning the NBA championship.

It was Jordan’s winning mentality that turned the team around. Slowly but surely, over the next two decades, the Bulls would go on to win three NBA championships – two of them back-to-back. As a result of their record in one of the seasons, the Bulls were also said to be considered the greatest basketball side of all time.

There was one key variable, one ember that sparked the flame of change for the Chicago Bulls franchise. That one variable was Michael Jordan.