The Negative Impacts of Fashion Trends

May 15, 2023

In today’s world, fashion plays a great role in shaping our lives. Every individual wants to follow the latest fashion trends and this often tends to negatively impact their lives. Fashion trends change constantly and people often struggle to follow them but are forced to do so due to peer pressure. People often tend to buy new clothes and accessories unnecessarily only for them to no longer be useful because of the constantly changing fashion trends.

Two female teenager friends standing inside in the shop, holding and looking at dress

Getty Images/ Moment/ Halfpoint Images

Fashion trends are marketed in a way that every teen wants to follow them. It becomes very difficult for teens to resist the latest trends, and they often get into an inferiority complex if due to some reason they are unable to do so. Latest fashion trends tend to create competition among individuals of all age groups, which often negatively impacts the self-esteem of those who for any reason are unable to follow them. Often people are motivated to buy certain brands irrespective of whether they are beneficial or not just because their favorite celebrities endorsed them.

Moreover, students studying in college often focus more on following fashion trends than on their careers. There is always an ongoing competition among people about who is the most well dressed, who has the most expensive bag or smartphone etc. This leads to people buying expensive things just to impress the people around them. If they are unable to do so they end up blaming themselves, and this often becomes detrimental for their mental health. The fashion industry has made some very valuable contributions in the past but it is important to ensure that we do not let it impact our lives to such a great extent. We should not get obsessed with these fashion trends and should not prioritize them over our studies and wellbeing.