Three Beatles Tracks that Really Stand Out

June 1, 2023

It is hard to find anyone in the world that enjoys music who has not heard of The Beatles. It is simply inconceivable to think that their name will die out even five decades after the band split up. The Beatles are rightfully regarded as amongst the most influential bands of all time with how they completely revolutionized the counter culture music scene, first in England and then globally. Over their decade-long career, the band has dished out some stellar tracks. Some of these stand out more than the others, and these are the ones we will now identify and look at!

A Day in the Life is not a track you’ll find on top of Spotify charts and so on, but it is one that truly captures the genius of The Beatles. Lennon and McCartney thought of this track as the apex product of their collaboration as the band took on a more experimental turn with their album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The lyrics, the vocals and the instruments (we’re looking at the piano here) really come together to make something artistically beautiful.

Hey Jude is another stellar Beatles track which, admittedly, is more popular than the previous entry here. It’s a heartfelt track sung in a manner that radiates hope and comfort. It starts off slow and sincere, and then slowly picks up jovial momentum towards the end with a barrage of “na-na-na-na’s” that can leave the whole room singing along.

Lastly, we have Yesterday, which is not to be confused with the 2019 movie set in a world where the Beatles don’t exist. Perish the thought! No, this track shows exactly why The Beatles were a cultural phenomenon. A slow track, Yesterday evokes emotions of longing for a day that has long gone, when times were easier. It stands proud as one of those Beatles songs that engage with the audience on a deep, emotional level, and stands as a testament to why The Beatles are a household name to this day.