Timeless Female French Fashion Essential

June 14, 2023

No matter how fashionable they are, American women cannot compare to French women. Since they always come across as effortlessly cool, there is a particular element to their approach. The French refer to this time of year as la rentrée, or “back-to-school” season, when adults return to work after the summer break. We refer to it as the spooky season. Whatever you choose to term it, fall fashion is unquestionably in full swing. Like they do with everything else, French girls welcome the cooler weather with au naturel hair, a signature lip color, that indescribable “je ne sais quoi,” and a killer outfit.

The feel of leather has an air of effortless luxury, and French women are aware of this. Blazers, button-up shirts, and even pants are being replaced this season with leather. But for a style that says 2022, your favorite fashion icons are swapping out traditional black for stunning brown colors. The preferred denim look in Paris is Droite jeans with slightly flared legs and a loose fit. Baggier is preferable! And sure, they do match even your most oversized knit sweater. To maintain proportion, try sliding the front of the pants into the waist. Sleeveless turtleneck cardigans are not just the ultimate cozy item for lounging around the house daily but also look finely layered over outerwear.

The large ruched leather clutch purse, made of broad folds of leather that fit under your arm, is currently popular in the City of Light. This bag, which comes in a rainbow of vibrant hues and earth tones, makes every outfit look a little more stylish. Perhaps it’s because tucking it under your arm appears to be just a little sleeker, and we appreciate that models like this require us to trim down our ordinary regular bags. You can always find one or two pairs of enormous square sunglasses covering the eyes of fashionable dressers everywhere there are people, from fashion show audiences to teen meet-ups. As the newest style available, the shape of the present time has surpassed cat-eye and round frames.