Top 2 Highest Grossing Albums of All Time

May 28, 2023

Music has been, since the dawn of time, a staple in the entertainment diet of humanity. It is a phenomenon that resonates with different people in different ways – some prefer heavy, metallic music (think Metallica and ACDC), others prefer soft, mellow music that one can cry too (think more along the lines of Adele and Ed Sheeran). Despite preferring different genres, the majority of people in the world today can attest to the fact that they enjoy listening to tunes in their free time.

Coming up with a final decision, therefore, when electing a tune or album as the greatest of all time, can be very difficult – the question arises, given the subjectivity of musical interests, how does one measure one song against another? Well, looking at the numbers isn’t a bad start. The amount of money generated by an album may not necessarily reflect the quality of the music, but it definitely serves as an indicator of the fact that the masses are enjoying the tune. Let’s take a look at the top two highest grossing albums of all time.

In at number one, we have the fan-favorite, ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. The album had over 50.2 million sales, and to no surprise; Jackson’s ability to intertwine elements of rock rhythms with a pop personality made him stand out among his competition. In the album, Jackson incorporated a total of four genres: disco, funk, rock, and pop.

Vince Gill, Timothy B. Schmit, Don Henley, Scott F. Crago, Deacon Frey and Joe Walsh of the Eagles perform

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Ethan Miller

At number two, we have the Eagles’, ‘Their Greatest Hits’. With certified sales of 41.2 million, the Eagles used their album to take listeners on a tour through the world of country and folk rock – a genre that has since died down. This album sparked controversy when their record label produced a claim that many of its sales were unaccounted for – the consequences of this being that they would overtake Thriller’s number one spot.

Whether you are a lover of music or not, I think many individuals would agree with the claim that music builds bridges between different parts of society, and ultimately brings people together to sway to the rhythms of Jackson and the Eagles.