Top 5 Celeb Scandals

May 30, 2023

No matter how much you may love them, no matter how attractive they may be, celebrities are human too. We often forget that, given they are humans, they are allowed to make mistakes too. Celebrities are often held to unfairly high standards – scrutinized for being anything less than perfect. As such, the media pays close attention to any mistakes they make – some of the most controversial ones will be touched upon within this article.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston were the Hollywood star couple. The friends star, madly in love with Pitt, envisioned a long, intimate relationship with the award-winning actor – oh boy was she wrong. The hearts of the public fell to pieces when the news came out that Pitt and Aniston had decided to part ways; Chaos erupted when the public found out that the cause for the split was Pitt’s affair with another Hollywood starlet – Angelina Jolie. This sparked a media war between the fans of Anniston and Jolie alike – T-shirts printed with ‘Team Jennifer’ and ‘Team Angelina’ were put on sale; It’s interesting to note that team Jennifer took the lead. After all the turbulence in those early years, ‘Brangelina’ – a portmanteau for Brad and Angelina – announced their divorce in 2016.

American actor Brad Pitt at the 79 Venice International Film Festival 2022

Getty Images/ Mondadori Portfolio/ Marilla Sicilia

Building off of the concept of toxicity which broke ‘Brangelina’s’ matrimony, another scandal, one much more recent, would be the exposal of Ellen Degeneres and her toxic workplace behavior. The 62-year-old day-time talk show host was put under the spotlight for her supposedly malicious, horrid conduct on and off set – allegations pertaining to racist verbiage, toxic workplace dynamics, and even sexual misconduct were thrown center-stage. After a long, difficult summer, Ellen returned to her show – this time promising to ‘start a new chapter’ and rectify her wrongdoings.

Certainly, with greater power comes great responsibility – yet, power does not equate to competence. Celebrities, despite their profound social influence, are bound to make mistakes and slip up – just like we do.