What is University Life Like?

May 22, 2023

Intense study sessions, extreme stress, and some unrelenting experiences with utmost euphoric sensations, university life is a rollercoaster of emotions and highs and lows, where you discover both yourself and the world. It is certainly a terrifying journey to undertake since it forces you into self reflection and some extreme and unprecedented circumstances whether you feel ready or not. But during these times, you find both people and yourself, and do not want to part with either.

Checking the student handbook and meeting with the advising unit before every enrolment cycle to help plan enrolment may seem like a nightmare, but it is something I certainly will miss. Making sure the hundred and one requirements of your degree and university alike are being met and will be completed by a certain time so you can graduate on time with your friends, and then requesting force enrolment when you fail to get your required courses is an event which teaches you skills you never thought you possessed. From stress management to public speaking and diplomacy in order to convince the relevant authorities for force enrolment is an experience like no other.

Person on laptop sitting on grass

Getty Images/ Moment/ Maria Korneeva

Missing class in order to catch up on the work of said class, or staying up late in order to prepare for the morning class and then oversleeping and missing the class you prepared for certainly brings to life the realities of adulting, where no one is more responsible for yourself than you yourself and you are the only one who bears the brunt of the consequences of your actions or inaction. Staying up all night for multiple nights in a row and being sustained only by adrenaline and caffeine while being surrounded by people going through the exact same thing is a once in a lifetime experience.

Evenings spent laughing with friends and nights spent stressing for a morning exam with the same people. University life gives you memories to last you a lifetime.