Who's Sadie Sink?

March 17, 2023

In recent years, Sadie Sink has become a universally recognizable person. Aside from the stunning red hair she sports, her talent has rightfully gained her the kind of recognition she deserves. Being able to play characters that range from mildly nonchalant to ones that are more socially anxious, Sink has already been able to learn the necessary skills required of a successful actor.

As a child, she began to be interested in theater, becoming very involved in a local theater and performing in their productions of stories like “The Secret Garden”. Eventually, she moved onto larger theaters, leading to her Broadway debut with “Annie” playing the role of Annie. After a series of small roles and guest roles in shows like “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, she moved onto bigger projects.

Getty images/Getty Images Entertainment/ Jacopo Raule/ Contributor

Her role in “Stranger Things” is of Max Mayfield, a girl who moves into Hawkins with her brother after her parents go through a rough divorce. She gets dragged into the usual mess of the main characters and then ends up staying to solve the larger mystery of the second season. After the end of the second season, Sink is made into a regular character that reappears in the coming seasons. Being able to convince audiences she is still in her early teens, Sink uses her acting skills to portray her character effortlessly.

Aside from “Stranger Things”, Sadie also dabbled in the world of short films, where she also acted on Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well: The short film” as the female lead, next to Dylan O’Brien. Although this role highly differed from her previous ones, she executed it spectacularly, making her character her own, and making it almost impossible for the audience to imagine anyone else in the role. Sadie Sink’s iconic red hair will always make her stand out in her roles, but her acting ensures that her performance leaves nothing more to wish for.