Why You Should Start Bullet Journaling

June 15, 2023

There is something incredibly satisfying about physically writing down information. Writing lists and putting a pen on paper may make you remember things more clearly. Many people purchase planners and to-do lists, but give up after a few weeks as it is too difficult to maintain. In this case, bullet journaling is the perfect solution. Instead of blank or lined pages, this type of journaling consists of various sections for keeping a calendar, noting down goals, to-do lists etc. Here’s why it’s definitely worth picking up.

Bullet journals comprise an entirely customizable system. You can use any kind of notebook and paper, making whichever sections are relevant to your tasks. Many planners are filled with lists that may not be useful to you, and this overcomes any such issue. You can divide up your time into weeks, days, or even hours which can change depending on your approach. It’s also very cost effective – instead of spending $50+ dollars on a planner with custom-designed pages, you can simply get a ruler for $1 and some pens to draw or write whatever you like. Another benefit is being able to decorate pages to tap into your creativity. Many enjoy using washi tape, bright colors, sketches, stickers etc. to spice things up. A nice aesthetic can encourage you to open up your journal and incentivise work.

Spiral notebook open to a blank white page surrounded by pink drawing tools all on a brown kraft paper background

Getty Images/ Photodisc/ Scott Mansfield

There are multiple proven benefits of bullet journalling regularly. It is a great way to help improve time-management skills, since you can track your goals and daily tasks effectively. While it might seem difficult at first, experienced bullet journal users capitalize on it as a smooth organizational tool. Instead of drowning in post-it notes, setting reminders on your phone or online calendar, you can simply use one notebook to record everything. Physically writing and drawing information further helps to keep track of things. Writing helps retain it more, improving memory, and it is also easier to visualize your goals, using doodles, mind maps, or other brainstorming tools.